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We can assist you in creating a full spectrum of success by helping you align with your true purpose, find a sense of balance, enhance family and social relationships. Our goal is to increase your financial abundance, carve out more free time, improve your health, and manage transitions with ease and grace. 

Team Leadership 

We focus on helping leaders create the RIGHT culture and systems, develop leadership ability, and build great teams. With my unique experience, I can help reduce turnover, increase engagement and effectiveness, and, as a result, reach more people/customers and increase your bottom line. We consistently help our customers experience 10-15% growth and engagement. 


Organizational Leadership 

We focus on helping organizations create the RIGHT organizational structure by ensuring they have the: 

  • RIGHT People 

  • In the RIGHT Seats 

  • Doing the RIGHT Things 

  • Accomplishing the RIGHT Vision 


Geoff Dudley (Associate Pastor) 

Pastor Tony Gilmore is a great example of character, exemplary mentorship, and effective coaching. His down-to-earth personality makes him easy to talk to. I have tons of notes from our conversations that have truly resonated with me. I strongly recommend engaging with him!

Pastor Duaine Johnson (Director – Redemption Fellowship) 

As I think over the life of our relationship, I immediately identify three exceptional gifts residing in Pastor Tony that have impacted me the most: his leadership ability, speaking ability, and coaching ability. All three are world-class. His leadership is inspiring, his speaking is empowering, and his coaching is liberating. He is an experienced leader, a life-changing speaker, and an acclaimed coach with a track record of making individuals and teams better.

Alex Bryant (Founder of Alex Bryant Ministries)

He is a dynamic and engaging communicator who consistently delivers Biblically-centered messages. He also endeavors to live out his beliefs in a transparent way. I have watched him put a premium on making disciples by being the kind of person that can be counted on to do what he says he will do and perform all that he does with excellence.

Sam Hamstra (Lead Pastor Anthem Church) 

Over the last 10 years, I have had a first-hand view of his superior work habits, skill levels, and organizational leadership abilities. He is the kind of person who comes along once in a great while. He has added value to everything I have seen him put his hands to. Tony is not only a gifted communicator and visionary but a true leader. Above all else, he is a man of great character and integrity.

Warren Morgan 
Chief Executive Officer of Cleveland Metropolitan School District

"Pastor Tony Gilmore is a phenomenal leader, advisor, and preacher. Not only does he deliver a strong sermon grounded in sound biblical principles when he preaches, but he is an incredible life coach with results for developing leaders. He is a man of integrity and great character. Tony knows organizational and executive leadership and helps executive leaders navigate complex challenges facing their organization. As an executive leader, I have utilized Tony for executive coaching and support leading my company. He listens, uses faith as a foundation, and gives practical advice that makes him approachable and effective. I highly recommend Pastor Tony Gilmore for your consideration."

Brian Kitchen
Lead Pastor | Vital Church

Tony Gilmore has been an amazing voice of reason, hope, and encouragement over the years. In leadership, you will need others in your corner to cheer you on. From a personal and organizational sphere, Tony has been just this. I would highly recommend his gift of coaching, speaking, and strategic leadership insight as a welcomed guest to your space. 

Bishop Antwain Jackson
Lead Pastor City of Hope International Church 

Pastor Tony Gilmore (PT) is one of the most pragmatic spiritual communicators of our time. His depth, lense, & practicality is what the world needs right now. He just gets it. He teaches at a level that matures believers into biblical literacy, while with his strong coaching acumen can motivate people to lean into their potential. You landed on the right person! 

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